"In production of our products we use 70% of renewable energy sources.
We do our best to takecare of the ECOLOGY."


QUEST® About Us


We have the honor to introduce you to the QUEST® company. Our main activity is the manufacture and distribution of PVC products for general construction and interior finishing.

Our commercial offer includes a complex system of floor covering accessories and a wide range of skirting boards. On request, we also carry out individual orders for unusual products in the field of plastics processing.

Our products are made of the highest quality raw materials based on new European technologies, which is why QUEST® products meet strict Western quality standards.

The main objective of the QUEST® company activity is the complete satisfaction of customers as recipients and users of our products. We hope that the quality of our products as well as the efficient and professional sales service will fully confirm your trust and enable us to establish a permanent cooperation.

QUEST® Mounting and Finishing Baseboards


High quality, self-adhesive, decorative flexible baseboard. Application for different types of walls and surfaces in residential premises, bathrooms, kitchens and other technical areas. Easy to assemble. Protection of surface joints, high quality, highly resistant adhesive. Smooth and velvety surface, easy to clean, aesthetic appearance. Made of a special blend of PVC, very flexible product - "memory of shape". Without harmful elements for humans and animals. No special maintenance required. More than 20 years of experience in the production of PVC profiles for flooring and stairs

QUEST® Flexible PVC Baseboards


Self-adhesive baseboard is an economical standard solution that has been used for many years in residential construction to finish the joints between walls and floors. The skirting board is available in different colors which makes it suitable for finishing different types of floors, for example PVC, wood or strip floors. The adhesive used allows for quick and easy installation of the baseboard.
It is also ideal for gluing into wall vaults, pillar treatment and ideally rests on straight sections. The self-adhesive baseboard is made of high quality flexible PVC. Values: aesthetic finish, economical and easy assembly, no need for special maintenance. Application: finishing element for different types of floor covered with PVC, wood or planks. Installation: self-adhesive base with two self-adhesive strips, one of which is glued to the wall and the other to the floor.

QUEST® Handrail profiles


PVC handrail profiles are a standard solution used for many years in residential construction, allowing the finishing of a staircase banister, giving it an aesthetic and elegant appearance. The handrail profile is made of high quality PVC, called "memory", suitable for installation in tight arches. The profile does not require special maintenance. It is designed for finishing stair railings finished with a flat bar of 40x8 mm, 38x8 mm wide and 5 to 8 mm thickValues: aesthetic finish, pleasant to touch, colorful element, no need for special maintenance. Application: installation on the flat bar of the staircase. Installation: hot installation (e.g. heating in hot water) on flat bar, width 40mm; thickness 5-8mm

QUEST® Stair profiles


The highest quality profile for use on stairs and communication chains. Pfor "pointed" and "round" steps. Le easy assembly. Profile made of a specialblend of PVC. The profile offers an aestheticfinish to the steps and protects the edges against mechanical risks. Good protection against slipping and falling. The groovedpart of the profile guarantees. the use of the staircase in safety. Easy to clean - the special shape of the grooves. The aesthetic appearance and a wide range ofcolors. The very soft products - "memory foam". Pneeds special maintenance. More than 20 years of experience in the production of staircase profiles. LSolid packaging - safe transportation

QUEST® Fence


QUEST slats and blackout strips present an innovative solution that creates an aesthetic and functional solution for people who want to maintain privacy in their own garden or farm. They are made of high qualityUV resistant PVC. The blackout elements do notrequire any maintenance. They are intended forwire mesh fences. Many colors and a modern design allow you to adjust the layout of the fences to your taste and environment. It is possible tocombine the colors according to individual projects. Advantages - privacy, pleasant to the touch, protection against snow and wind. Application - Slats are designed for standard 50mm and 60mm mesh or panel fences. Assembly - installation with basic tools will allow you to transform your garden into a private space in no time.

QUEST® Stair System

Quest® Stair System. PATENTED PVC profile set. high quality PVC profile set for finishing and protection of stair edges;
each element available in 5 colors. easy assembly. The profile offers an aesthetic finish to the steps. It protects the edges against mechanical risks and the sides
a good protection against stains and dirt during cleaning and use. Good protection against slipping and falling; the grooved part of the profile guarantees the safe use of the stairs. Easy to clean - the special shape of the grooves. Aesthetic appearance and a wide range of colors

Seals and gaskets


The high quality seal for glass, glass and window supports . The sheet metal protectionseal of high quality. Self-adhesive polycarbonate seals. High resistance to weather conditions and UV rays. High elasticity over a wide range of temperatures. Made of modified PVC ecological lead-free



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