Quest® 4Home

Patented PVC profiles

  • high-quality profiles for use on stairs, communication runs, for finishing various types of floors lined with, for example, PVC lining, panels, wood.
  • easy installation, made of a special PVC mixture
  • creates an aesthetic finish, protects the edges against mechanical damage.
  • protect against slipping and falling - the grooved part of the slat ensures safe use of the stairs
  • easy to clean - special shape of the grooves
  • aesthetic appearance and a wide range of colors
  • highly flexible products - "shape memory"
  • they do not require maintenance
  • over 20 years of experience in the production of stair profiles
  • solid packaging - safe transport

Quest® Profile Home - patented PVC profiles - easy, aesthetic and durable finish of our home and garden.

The offer includes:

  • Wall edges - angle bracket for wall edge protection,
  • Stairs - stair noses securing our stairs,
  • Anti-slip - anti-slip strips for use in bathrooms and wherever we want to avoid the risk of slipping,
  • Floors - self-adhesive skirting boards - in many colors and sizes,
  • Finishing - finishing strips to be used, for example, on window sills, windows, doors,
  • Garden - panel slats - protecting our garden against wind, sun and neighbors - made of the highest quality PVC mixture resistant to UV radiation.
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